Pratik Gandhi, Conductor

Pratik Gandhi is a conductor, percussionist, and clinician based in Toronto.

Hello, world!

There's no motivation to build a new website like your old host closing up operations.  It was about time, anyway.  The approach one has to adopt on limited time is the same whether it's building a website or rehearsing a program of music.  Identify key goals, figure out what you're okay with letting go of, and organize your time accordingly.  If you plan well, the resultant outcome will be, at the least, satisfying.

The difference, fortunately, is that music development must stop after the final performance, whereas one can continue to tinker with one's website indefinitely.  Well, maybe that's not such a good thing after all...

Anyway, I would appreciate feedback on the site as it develops.  If you have anything to suggest, please contact me.